Target Engineering Consultants Inc.

In 2010, Target Engineering Consultants was established.
The changes in United Arab Emaretis were both dynamic and dramatic, which prompted our leadership to push the company into the new Engineering Innovation.

Today, we are a global team of architects and engineers committed to delivering projects that satisfy both the needs of clients and the very essence of design sustainability. Over 3000 projects have been completed across all industries and across the Emirates of the UAE, as well as other countries, making us one of the few design firms that understand the dynamics of project development in the region.

The Target Engineering Consultants has designed and completed a wide range of projects, such as high towers, infrastructure planning, mixed-use facilities, industrial and logistical projects, luxury homes, hotels, and educational institutions.
Our in-house team of planners, MEP engineers, basic engineers, HVAC designers, BIM experts, 3D renderers, and illustrators ensures quick and accurate development.

We Provide The Following Scope Of Works:

  • Architectural Layout

  • Constructing Fit Out

  • Interior Design

  • Structural Engineering And Layout

  • Electric Layout Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Project Management Services